2023 is a year of crisis and opportunity.

Face difficulty

     2023 is the first year when the Chinese government announced to abandon the Zero-COVID policy. In the past three years, due to the impact of the epidemic prevention policy, China’s export economic market has been greatly affected, and many buyers have no way to easily come to China for new Therefore, most Chinese manufacturers and exporters are full of hope for the recovery of orders this year. But it must be mentioned that under the premise of the current global economic recession and the economic confrontation between China and the United States, this is also a year full of crises for many Chinese factories. The data shows that China is no longer the largest source of imports to the United States, which means that the overseas sales market of Chinese manufacturers is getting smaller and smaller, and they are facing more and more competition from other countries. The cost advantage of labor is no longer China’s magic weapon. If it still relies on cheap labor to export cheap products in the past, then a corporate crisis will inevitably come.

Dragon and God of Wealth cannot be less

February 5th is the first day we return to work in the showroom after the New Year holiday. As one of the traditional Chinese cultures, we are used to inviting the dragon dance team to perform in the showroom on the first day of returning to work. The dragon represents vitality and luck, so letting the dragon walk around in the showroom can remove bad luck and bring good luck to all of us, which is important in the beginning of the year. Along with the dragon dance team came the God of Wealth, who is widely loved by the Chinese people. In Chinese cultures, the God of Wealth is the one who increases everyone’s wealth. Because the Chinese are very particular about Feng Shui, it is essential to invite them to perform.


The future is bright, the road is twists and turns

    Lighting is a labor-intensive industry, and we are aware of this. Therefore, relying on the supply chain advantages of Guzhen, the lighting capital of China, we can export products with cost advantages. In addition, we are constantly strengthening original design and personalized customization, while avoid product similarity. Only by constantly designing and updating products, our clients can keep ahead of competitors as much as possible in the market competition. From this perspective, client’s success means our success. Like our slogan, our commitment? Your business success — simple as that. 

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