The impact of the adjustment of China's zero-covid policy on lighting importers around the world

2022 is the third year of the global pandemic of the Covid-19. The World Cup is being held in full swing in Qatar. Fans from all over the world gather in Qatar to forget the impact of the Covid-19 and enjoy the charm of football. In contrast, the Chinese government still has not announced the abandonment of the zero-covid policy. However, recently, as protests against the lockdown began to appear in most cities in China, the Chinese government has adjusted the strict zero-covid policy. This is a positive signal for the Chinese government to abandon the zero-covid policy and resume normal business activities.

   China’s zero-covid policy has prevented most of the world’s lighting importers from visiting China for three years, and they are ready to visit China again at any time. They may be looking for new business opportunities, or new lighting suppliers, or new lighting designs, no matter what the situation is, most lighting importers should pay attention to the Chinese government’s announcement Epidemic policies, and prepare for visas and air tickets in advance.

    When lighting importers are going to China, it is necessary to start searching for some lighting suppliers online right now. You can contact them to obtain basic information and screen out suitable suppliers. These lighting suppliers are the first destinations for lighting importers who come to China. By inspecting these suppliers on the spot, lighting purchasers can quickly identify new lighting manufacturers.

   Since China’s zero-covid policy will be end at any time, the majority of importers should also do a good job in the inventory promotion activities of old designs, carefully determine the purchase stock of old designs, and improve the design layout of the showroom at the same time, and are ready to go to China to purchase new lighting designs, welcome the arrival of new designs.

   Finally, the Chinese New Year is approaching, and the vast number of Chinese lighting suppliers usually have a holiday of about one month. In this case, buyers from various countries are generally unable to purchase, so we suggest that buyers need to make inventory plans and purchase Enough goods to prevent out of stock. Since the zero-covid policy can be end at any time, as mentioned above, we think it is enough to purchase the appropriate amount of inventory.

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