Hotel Wall lamp Project

Location: Canton city, Guangdong province, China

Year of installation: 2019

Background: Atour Group is one of the most famous hotel brands in China. With 583 high-end hotel chains located in 174 cities nationwide, Atour ranks the first in high-end market share. The project below is the refurbishment of Guangzhou Atour Hotel, a subsidiary of Atour Hotel Group. This hotel planed to purchase a batch of wall lamps, and finally decided to choose us as their wall lamp supplier after comparing the products from different suppliers.

Problem solved: As a high-end hotel, Atour Group has a relatively adequate funding, so the first requirement is satisfactory quality of the lamps. Scratch or defect on the surface is absoloutely not allowed. High quality requirement runs through our daily production. For example, we will check all the semi-finished products before assembling on the production line. When the assembly is completed, the second check will be carried out again. The packing will be settled until quality is confirmed satisfactory. Also our sales team will conduct random inspection on the finished lamps for the third time to ensure that they meet customers’ requirements before the lamps are shipped. Under this process, we are very confident in product quality. The second requirement of the hotel is the safety and long lifespan. There is no doubt that we are able to meet different requirement of the customers. For this project of Atour Group, we need to comply with China’s CCC certification, so our testing and production will be conducted in accordance with the certification standards. In addition, we have selected OSRAM light sources and Philips drivers, and conduct a 48-hour aging test on each LED lamp. We also provide three-year warranty to the Atour Group not only due to our confidence in Osram and Philips, but also the high quality control of our product.

Evaluation: Atour Group is very satisfied with our solution. The angle of the wall lamp can be adjusted, which makes it convenient for customer to use at night. In addition, there is no switch on the surface of the lamp. The way to turn off the wall lamp is to hold it back, then the lamp body will touch the inner switch and cut off the power. To turn on the wall lamp, the customer can pull out the lamp body to release the switch. The exquisite design not only ensure the simplicity and clarity of the room space, but also avoid potential injury of the protruding part when the wall lamp is not used.

Products: LM Wining Wall lamp

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