How to do the lighting business after the pandemic?

Abstract: The time has come to 2022, and the pandemic situation in China has become unstable again. As a lighting company from China, what are our views on the lighting industry after the pandemic? The lighting industry is at most a temporary depression, and its demand will only be delayed, not elastic demand like some entertainment, catering and tourism industries. The lost opportunity in the entertainment industry is lost, but the demand for lighting still exists. There must be a period of outbreak growth after the pandemic is over.

For the majority of lighting industry operators, we have the following four suggestions.

1. Actively learn product knowledge and accumulate it while everyone is out of business. For the sales staff, the most frightening thing is not that the customer can’t come to the store because of the epidemic, but when the customer comes to the store and sees your unfamiliar and unprofessional performance with the product, it makes them give up the order and leave. I believe there is no situation more embarrassing and helpless than this.

2. Do more return visits when working from home, and contact customers more during the epidemic to explore their potential needs. There is no doubt that when you and your customers are forced to work from home because of the pandemic, everyone’s work efficiency will drop significantly, but this does not mean that customers will give up thinking about future business. When you contact the customer for a return visit at this time, the customer will have more time than usual to listen to your product introduction and accept your demand guidance.

3. During the pandemic period, medical products are the key demand. For example, our own ultraviolet disinfection lamps have been inquired and placed orders by customers, and customers will go to our factory to pick up the goods directly. Discover the advantages of medical products in your own products and promote them during the pandemic.

4. Plan sales activities after the pandemic is over, such as some promotional offers, and think about the problem of fewer orders after resumption of work in advance. Start advertising or call back to inform customers now. Promotional products are best to choose hot-selling products or medical products.

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